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League Member Player Power Ranking Submittal Process

10/23/2015, 4:45pm EDT
By Justin Phillips

Here is your opportunity to participate on ranking players without having to attend a meeting. Please see the attached document and read the message below.

Each league member will get the opportunity to participate in the voting of player rankings.
Each league members rankings will be a factor in the overall final decision of player rankings.
Each league member will participate in the following ways:
1)    Will get to vote on each player in their teams division only
2)    Will not be allowed to vote on their own players, only their opponents
3)    Will vote based on knowledge of each player they know or have seen play
4)    Will submit their player ranking spreadsheet via email and will be filled out accurately

Each league member will have one month to fill out their player ranking spreadsheets if they choose to participate. It is not mandatory for a league member to participate but is highly encouraged to do so. 

Use the attached excel sheet to rank the players in your division. Your rankings are due back on November 20th, 2015. 

Email your rankings to

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