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Regular Season Spring 2016
Spring 2016 x Regular Season Playoffs

Spring 2018 Registration is now open!!

03/10/2018, 2:00pm EST
By John Frank

Register your team today! As we enter our 6th season we continue to have a record number of teams and since we are limited on the number of teams that can register it is first come, first serve. You must register the team and pay the down payment in order to reserve a spot. The spring season officially starts April 14, 2018 and will probably end sometime around July 4th.  

After your team is registered, each player on that team will need to register as a player by the April 10th, 11:59 pm deadline and select his or her appropriate team from the list provided.  Newly registered teams can take up to 72 hours before they will show up on the website. If you play on two teams, you will have to register twice (once for each team). You will use your same profile for each registration (each team). Most of your information will auto-fill making the process go by faster for the second registration.

All players must have their online registration completed by April 10th at 11:59 pm or they will be unable to play. If a team is caught using an illegal and/or unregistered player then the team manager and player involved will face penalties such as suspension and or removal from the league. 

When signing up your team to play in the GTIHL, you are acknowledging that league games could start on the following days between the following times. Teams may submit schedule requests during the registration process.

Friday Start Times: 7:00pm, 8:05pm, 9:10pm, and 10:15pm
Saturday & Sundays Between 9:00am and 10:00pm

Registration is first come, first serve. To secure your spot, deposits will be accepted anytime before the April 1, 11:59 pm deadline, however the teams remaining balance must be paid in full by April 8th, 2018 at 11:59 pm. Late fees apply if paid after the deadline.

Deposits are only accepted via the online registration form. Once you have completed the online registration form and paid your deposit, your team will be added to the website and will be placed on the schedule. If you pay the $200 deposit via the online registration form, you will then submit the remaining balance of $600 to our PO Box or pay online by the full payment deadline. Deposits are non-refundable.

Player Power Rankings have been updated for the Spring 2018 Season and are available at

Checks Payable To:
Greater Toledo Inline Hockey League or GTIHL
PO Box 519
Sylvania, Ohio 43560


Spring 2017 Projected Playoff Schedule Released

06/12/2017, 1:00pm EDT
By Justin Phillips

Projected Playoff Schedule Released

The following tie breaker is to be used.

o Head-To-Head Record
o Regulation Wins
o Overall Wins
o Goal Differential
o Coin Toss

Date Time Division Away Home
June 18th 7:50pm Silver 5 4
June 18th 8:55pm Silver 6 3
June 24th 9:00am Bronze 5 4
June 24th 10:05am Bronze 6 3
June 24th 11:10am Bronze 7 2
June 24th 12:15pm Bronze 8 1
June 24th 1:20pm Silver 7 2
June 24th 2:25pm Silver 8 1
June 24th 3:30pm      
June 24th 4:35pm Gold 5 4
June 24th 5:40pm Gold 6 3
June 24th 6:45pm Gold 7 2
June 24th 7:50pm Gold 8 1
June 24th 8:55pm Bronze Second Lowest Winner Second Highest Winner
June 24th 10:00pm Bronze Lowest Winner Highest Winner
June 25th 9:00am Silver Second Lowest Winner Second Highest Winner
June 25th 10:05am Silver Lowest Winner Highest Winner
June 25th 11:10am Gold Second Lowest Winner Second Highest Winner
June 25th 12:15pm Gold Lowest Winner Highest Winner
June 25th 1:20pm Bronze Championship #1  
June 25th 2:25pm Silver Championship #1  
June 25th 3:30pm Gold Championship #1  
June 25th 4:35pm Bronze Championship #2  
June 25th 5:40pm Silver Championship #2  
June 25th 6:45pm Gold Championship #2  
June 25th 7:50pm Bronze Championship #3 IF NECESSARY
June 25th 7:50pm / 8:55pm Silver Championship #3 IF NECESSARY
June 25th 8:55pm / 10:00pm Gold Championship #3 IF NECESSARY

If you have a player on your roster that hasn't participated in the minimum of 4 games in the regular season. That player is not eligible for playoffs. You may appeal to have the player be eligible for playoffs by filling out the appropriate form found on our website. The board will look at each player case by case.

Spring 2017 Playoff Schedule - Note

If a rain cancellation occurs before the playoffs and unplayed games will effect standings, the playoff schedule will shift to accommodate those games. Depending on the number of games cancelled will determine the number of games the playoff schedule will shift. X games cancelled will shift X amount of games.

If a rain cancellation occurs before the playoffs and the unplayed games will NOT effect standings, those games will be rescheduled during the next available game slot and will not effect how the playoff schedule will appear.

If a rain cancellation occurs for the first day of playoffs, the games that were cancelled WILL be moved to the next day of games. Example: June 18th rain cancellations, those cancellations will be played on Saturday June 24th at the early morning games slots. The second round of playoff games will be shifted X amount of games that were rained out.

Due to the nature of playoffs, we do not accept any schedule requests.