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Greater Toledo Inline Hockey League

Playoffs Summer 2014
Summer 2014 x Playoffs

GTIHL Rule Changes & Modifications


07/03/2014, 3:00pm EDT


Old Rule: "- The backup goalies must take up a regular roster spot."
The Change: "- The backup goalies do NOT take up a regular roster spot."

Team Managers; please remember that substitute goalies are only permitted if you pay a $10 substitute goalie fee per each game you need a substitute goalie (unless a player on your team plays in net). Please also remember that NO player substitutes are allowed to participate in any games. Additionally, remember that each player must participate in at least 4 regular season games to be eligible for playoffs as well as NO substitute goalies are permitted to play in playoffs. If you think you will need a substitute goalie during playoffs please read the rule below:

Backup Goalies 
- The backup goalies do NOT take up a regular roster spot. 
- The backup goalies cannot skate out as a player during the season. 
- The backup goalie cannot play for another team in the same division. 
- The four game minimum requirements for the playoffs are waived for backup goalies on the roster.


New Rule: 
Players who are currently serving a suspension will not be permitted to participate in any league events until that 
suspension is fully served. This includes participating in other divisions or other various league activities. A player may appeal this and the board will review each appeal case by case.

Reason: A player was suspended in one division for fighting, that same day, the player suspended participated on another team in another division that he was rostered on. That suspended player then caused more trouble in the other division which caused him to get thrown out of that game as well.


Any questions regarding these two rule changes please email us at