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    Heat Index Procedure 

    Orange Zone - Heat index of 90-95 degrees
    - The league will implement the following at games: water coolers will be available at each field complex for players/parents/fans; goalies will be allowed to take time outs when needed at no cost to cool down.

    Red Zone - Heat index of 96 to 104 degrees
    - The league will implement the following for games: all measures taken in the Orange Zone; the length of games will be modified: Games will be reduced by 6 minutes, 2 minute reduction for each period.

    Black Zone - Heat index above 104
    - The league will cancel all games until the heat index returns to 104 or below.

    Projected Playoff Schedule Released

    It was brought to our attention that the standings on the website don't hold the same tie breaking procedures that is posted on our "League Rules & Structure" page. Therefore the following tie breaker is still to be used.

    o Head-To-Head Record
    o Regulation Wins
    o Overall Wins
    o Goal Differential
    o Penalty Minutes (Least)
    o Coin Toss

    The projected playoff schedule (Seedings) are shown below.

    Date Time Division Away Home
    August 26th 11:10am Silver 5 4
      12:15pm Silver 6 3
      1:20pm Silver 7 2
      2:25pm Silver 8 1
      3:30pm Gold 5 4
      4:35pm Gold 6 3
      5:40pm Bronze 5 4
      6:45pm Bronze 6 3
      7:50pm Bronze 7 2
      8:55pm Bronze 8 1
    September 1st 9:00am Bronze Second Lowest Winner Second Highest Winner
      10:05am Bronze Lowest Winner Highest Winner
      11:10am Silver Second Lowest Winner Second Highest Winner
      12:15pm Silver Lowest Winner Highest Winner
      1:20pm Gold Highest Winner 2
      2:25pm Gold Lowest Winner 1
      3:30pm Bronze Championship #1  
      4:35pm Silver Championship #1  
      5:40pm Gold Championship #1  
      6:45pm Bronze Championship #2  
      7:50pm Silver Championship #2  
      8:55pm Gold Championship #2  
    September 2nd 1:20pm Bronze Championship #3 IF NECESSARY
      2:25pm Silver Championship #3 IF NECESSARY
      3:30pm Gold Championship #3 IF NECESSARY

    If you have a player on your roster that hasn't participated in the minimum of 4 games in the regular season. That player is not eligible for playoffs. You may appeal to have the player be eligible for playoffs by filling out the appropriate form found on our website. The board will look at each player case by case.

    Urgent Incident Update

    To all GTIHL players, coaches, referees, contractors, and fans,

    We’d like to take a moment to publicly address an incident which occurred this past weekend. First, the safety of our players, fans, referees, and contractors will always take the utmost precedence in determining the corrective action for those involved. While we cannot divulge the specifics, the Board has elected to issue very severe suspensions to the individuals engaging in the abusive, reckless and dangerous behaviors. While some may consider these punishments as harsh, they are fair considering the past patterns of the individuals involved.

    The majority of our members play and act responsibly and we greatly appreciate those that behave appropriately in a fun and competitive atmosphere. We are disappointed when individuals go beyond the scope of competitive play and choose to put other individuals at risk of injury. Profane and abusive language towards referees or rink staff certainly will not be tolerated either. Disrespect towards officials and rink staff is something that the Board takes quite seriously. We hope this sends a clear and direct message to all league members that they must behave appropriately or risk similar consequences. This league is a privilege and not a right!

    The amount of “behind the scenes” effort that goes into running a league as large as this can be taxing for those that dedicate their hours and their life to this organization. Incidents like these only add to the frustration of those who wish for the GTIHL to flourish. Ultimately the behavior of the members will decide the fate of the GTIHL as we are committed to ensure this league continues to the best of the Board members’ abilities. It is the intent and hope of this letter to serve as a wake up call to the players, coaches and fans of the GTIHL. The negative behaviors that have been exhibited, the foul language that has been used, and the abusive behavior and talking back to GTIHL referees and rink staff highlighted above are no longer acceptable and will not be tolerated going forward.
    We wish every team the best of luck as we conclude the Summer 2018 season and look to enjoy the GTIHL as it was originally intended.

    Congratulations to the Spring 2018 Champions

    Gold - Toledo Outlaws

    Silver - Chupacabras

    Bronze - Tuna


    GTIHL News

    Job Openings - Game Day Staff

    The GTIHL is looking to expand its game day operations personnel for the 2018 inline hockey season. We are looking to fill the following positions; Rink Managers, Score Keepers, Concessions and Hockey Officials. Please visit for information regarding each job opening.


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