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    Spring 2024 Tentative Playoff Schedule

    Date Time Division Seed Seed
    22-Jun-24 9:00 AM      
    22-Jun-24 10:05 AM Bronze #2 #7
    22-Jun-24 11:10 AM Bronze #3 #6
    22-Jun-24 12:15 PM Silver #3 #6
    22-Jun-24 1:20 PM Bronze #2 or 7 #3 or 6
    22-Jun-24 2:25 PM Bronze #1 #8
    22-Jun-24 3:30 PM Bronze #4 #5
    22-Jun-24 4:35 PM Silver #4 #5
    22-Jun-24 5:40 PM Bronze #1 or 8 #4 or 5
    22-Jun-24 6:45 PM Silver #2 #3 or 6
    22-Jun-24 7:50 PM Silver #1 #4 or 5
    22-Jun-24 8:55 PM Gold #2 #3
    Date Time Division Seed Seed
    23-Jun-24 9:00 AM      
    23-Jun-24 10:05 AM Bronze Game 1  
    23-Jun-24 11:10 AM Silver Game 1  
    23-Jun-24 12:15 PM Gold Game 1  
    23-Jun-24 1:20 PM Bronze Game 2  
    23-Jun-24 2:25 PM Silver Game 2  
    23-Jun-24 3:30 PM Gold Game 2  
    23-Jun-24 4:35 PM Bronze Game 3*  
    23-Jun-24 5:40 PM Silver Game 3*  
    23-Jun-24 6:45 PM Gold Game 3*  
    23-Jun-24 7:50 PM      
    23-Jun-24 8:55 PM      
    * Game 3s will be moved up if other divisions do not use their game 3.

    New scoreboard!

    New scoreboard!

    The scoreboard is now up at Ottawa Park

    GTIHL Job Openings - Game Day Staff

    The GTIHL is looking to expand its game day operations personnel for the 2024 inline hockey season. We are looking to fill the following positions:
    Rink Managers ($22), Assistant Rink Managers ($15), Score Keepers ($15) and Hockey Officials ($34).
    Please visit for information regarding each job opening and to apply today.

    ***Please help us spread the word, feel free to forward this to anybody that may be interested.***

    Over the next 6 months, the GTIHL will host over 700 games at Ottawa Park Rink. The GTIHL hosts four separate divisions (Gold, Silver, Bronze, Novice). Each game is comprised of three (3), twelve (12) minute stop time with each game slot scheduled for 65 minutes in length.

    Questions, send us a message.

    GTIHL - Summer 2024 Season Registration info

    Summer 2024 Deadlines:

    Team Deposit: June 30th 11:59pm

    Player Registration: July 6th 11:59pm

    Final Team Payment: July 6th 11:59pm

    Games start: July 12th 2024


    Division Cost:

    Gold - $900

    Silver - $1050

    Bronze - $1050

    Novice - $900

    Spring 2024 Rankings **Now Available**

    Summer 2024 Rankings - Should be available by 6-16-24

    Team Registration Forms

    These are the forms necessary to complete a team registration.

    **Team Managers only - Summer Payment Link - TBD**

    The Registration "Home" is not currently available.

    Congratulations Summer 2023 Champions

    Gold - Gremlins

    Silver - Goalbusters

    Bronze - TQL

    35 & Over League

    The GTIHL is exploring the possibility of adding a 35 & Over division for the Spring 2024 season. Based on the expansion of the league and the GTIHL's age demographics, the GTIHL believes this is a viable option but would like your feedback before making a final decision. The rules for the 35 & Over division are simple.

    35 & Over League Rules
    Players must be 35 years old or older before the end of team registration for that season. A player must have a picture ID available, if requested by the league. Failure to do so will result in forfeiture of that game and removal from the league. 

    If there is a goalie shortage, the league may make goalies exempt from the age restriction. This will be determined on a case by case scenario.

    GTIHL Mobile/Email Alerts

    The GTIHL will continue its use of the RainedOut Alerts. These alerts are useful for teams and players as they allow quick communication of weather and COVID-19 related updates. 

    TEXT: Text GTIHL to 84483. Text STOP to cancel alerts at any time.Message & data rates may apply. Privacy Statement

    EMAIL: Follow this link and submit your email address you wish to have alerts sent to.

    League Email Addresses

    For any stat corrections:

    For any schedule corrections:

    For any competition committee questions:

    For any other questions, comments or concerns: