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    Projected Playoff Schedule Released

    It was brought to our attention that the standings on the website don't hold the same tie breaking procedures that is posted on our "League Rules & Structure" page. Therefore the following tie breaker is still to be used.

    o Head-To-Head Record
    o Regulation Wins
    o Overall Wins
    o Goal Differential
    o Coin Toss

    The projected playoff schedule (Seedings) are shown below.

    6/24/2018 9:00 AM Bronze 5 4
    6/24/2018 10:05 AM Bronze 6 3
    6/24/2018 11:10 AM Bronze 7 2
    6/24/2018 12:15 PM Bronze 8 1
    6/24/2018 1:20 PM Gold 5 4
    6/24/2018 2:25 PM Gold 6 3
    6/24/2018 3:30 PM Silver 5 4
    6/24/2018 4:35 PM Silver 6 3
    6/24/2018 5:40 PM Silver 7 2
    6/24/2018 6:45 PM Silver 8 1
    6/24/2018 7:50 PM Gold Lowest Winner 1
    6/24/2018 8:55 PM Gold Highest Winner 2
    6/24/2018 10:00 PM      


    6/30/2018   9:00 AM   Bronze Second Lowest Winner Second Highest Winner
    6/30/2018   10:05 AM   Bronze Lowest Winner Highest Winner
    6/30/2018   11:10 AM   Silver Second Lowest Winner Second Highest Winner
    6/30/2018   12:15 PM   Silver Lowest Winner Highest Winner
    6/30/2018   1:20 PM   Gold Championship #1  
    6/30/2018   2:25 PM   Bronze Championship #1  
    6/30/2018   3:30 PM   Silver Championship #1  
    6/30/2018   4:35 PM   Gold Championship #2  
    6/30/2018   5:40 PM   Bronze Championship #2  
    6/30/2018   6:45 PM   Silver Championship #2  
    6/30/2018   7:50 PM   Gold Championship #3 IF NECESSARY
    6/30/2018   8:55 PM   Bronze Championship #3 IF NECESSARY
    6/30/2018   10:00 PM   Silver Championship #3 IF NECESSARY


    If you have a player on your roster that hasn't participated in the minimum of 4 games in the regular season. That player is not eligible for playoffs. You may appeal to have the player be eligible for playoffs by filling out the appropriate form found on our website. The board will look at each player case by case.

    Spring 2018 Playoff Schedule - Note

    If a rain cancellation occurs before the playoffs and unplayed games will effect standings, the playoff schedule will shift to accommodate those games. Depending on the number of games cancelled will determine the number of games the playoff schedule will shift. X games cancelled will shift X amount of games.

    If a rain cancellation occurs before the playoffs and the unplayed games will NOT effect standings, those games will be rescheduled during the next available game slot and will not effect how the playoff schedule will appear.

    If a rain cancellation occurs for the first day of playoffs, the games that were cancelled WILL be moved to the next day of games. Example: June 20th rain cancellations, those cancellations will be played on Sunday June 21st at the early morning games slots. The second round of playoff games will be shifted X amount of games there were rained out.

    Due to the nature of playoffs, we do not accept schedule requests.
    Keep in mind that playoffs are a privilege and not a right.

    Congratulations to the Summer 2017 Champions

    Gold - Hoof Hearted

    Silver - Sauceboss (S)

    Bronze - Tuna


    GTIHL News

    Job Openings - Game Day Staff

    The GTIHL is looking to expand its game day operations personnel for the 2018 inline hockey season. We are looking to fill the following positions; Rink Managers, Score Keepers, Concessions and Hockey Officials. Please visit for information regarding each job opening.


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